What is Pattern to Print?

It's just a stage name for my 3D print hobby. I originally chose the name because one of the things I like to do is take scroll saw wood patterns and convert them to 3d prints. Over time the name becomes more fitting as my brain loves patterns of all kinds and 3D modeling them.

Contact and Social Media

Twitter: @patterntoprint

Printables Page: Pattern to Print

Thingiverse Page: JMP

Email: patternstoprints@gmail.com (yes it is patterns, not pattern)

Personal Linkedin: Jason Preuss

Color Lithophanes

I have worked with Lithophanemaker.com to create an online tool so anyone can create the files need to create their own color lithophanes.
Stephan, AKA CNC Kitchen, recorded an amazingly great video about this at MRRF 2022. I also have a detailed video on how to make these.

Media coverage

2016 Midwest Reprap Festival

Hackaday MRRF: 3D Printed 2D Paintings

Filament Friday Youtube Chanel Filament Friday #60 - Scroll Saw Corner Shelf Plan 3D Printed on MAKERFRONT

Encore magazine article about the effort to bring a makerspace to Kalamazoo that I am involved with.
Making a Makerspace

Dome clock coverage from 2015 Midwest Reprap Festival

3dprint.com Michigan Man 3D Prints a 4-Foot-Tall Dome Clock and It’s Incredible

3ders Jason Preuss shows off his amazing and gigantic 3D printed dome clock

Make Magazine Wacky and World-Class New 3D Printers at Midwest RepRap Fest

Hackaday MRRF: (not quite) Chocolate Clock

Youtube channel

I have a channel that I occasionally create content for.